Training Science & Application

A plethora of research has been carried out and published in journals and books, however the most difficult thing for the runner is knowing where to look. The Training Zone will take a delve into the realms of different aspects of training looking at the energetic demands of running different races from middle distance through to longer races, injury prevention and presenting you with training sessions for a range of aims from completing your first 5K race through to developing speed and strength for an 800 metre race.

Recently it has become more apparent to athletes and coaches that gym work is now an essential component in performance. This is due to research into this area becoming more open to the public through academic domains, as well as the birth of the strength and conditioning industry through the United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA). This section will cover a range of topics such as increasing an individual's range of motion through hip flexion and improving a runner’s core strength. Use our online calculator to work out your 1RM and equivalent training loads.