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2014 So What's Next?

So there is a new year laid in front of you and for some of you you may be wondering what goals to aim for next. Maybe you have run your marathon or completed a Tough Mudder and need a new adventure. If you successfully completed last year’s challenge, then you need to find what will drive you like the last one. You may be aiming for a charity 5K run, or you may be aiming to break a new time or personal best in a particular event... (Read more)

Strength and Conditioning - The Essentials

Before I get to the crux of the article I wish to start by stating just why I have decided to devote time in writing such a piece. In the field of sport there is a very definite process by which all sports coaches follow, in order to get the most out of its participants. The system of test-intervention-assess is an imperative system for not just assessing your athletes, but also your practices as a coach. (Read more...)